Tips to Making Room for Your Baby in a Tiny Space

/Tips to Making Room for Your Baby in a Tiny Space

Tips to Making Room for Your Baby in a Tiny Space

It is time to make room for your new bundle of joy. You may not have a large space to turn into a nursery, so here are a few ideas for turning a “tiny” space into a room for a baby. Clean out that cluttered spare room and store your “spare room stuff” in a unit at Self Storage in Adelaide. That treadmill or that elliptical that is in the corner of the future nursery. It is time to take it to Self Storage in Adelaide.

Purchase a Multi-Functional Crib

A boy looking after a baby that's on the crib

The main piece of furniture that is needed for a baby’s room is a crib. A multi-functional crib is a crib combined with a chest of drawers, storage space, or changing table. Use basket and bins that are made of fabric or collapsible for storage.

Buy Soft Newborn Blankets

A cute baby fast asleep

Do not forget the cuddly baby blankets. When space is an issue, keep the blankets to a minimum. Only purchase what is needed daily and a few extras for when there are accidents, and the blankets are soiled, waiting to be laundered.

Rock-a-Bye Baby

A mother holding her baby while sitting in a glider chair

A glider chair is a good purchase for a small space, instead of a rocking chair. The rockers on the rocking chair take up just a little more space than a glider.

Remove Closet Doors

A minimalist nursery room

Removing closet doors gives more room and more decorating options. Closet doors make furniture placement tricky, and the open closet door takes up space.

Choose the Right Curtain

A complete nursery room

Curtains and baby room wall décor can spice up small space. Reflective wall décor can make the room appear a little larger by reflecting light. Use wall décor stickers instead of bulky picture frames. When every inch count, wall stickers are sleeker. Use paint colours like white, grey or pastels to make the room feel larger.

Keep Stuffed Animals to a Minimum

A baby yawning beside a teddy bear

Stuffed animals may be cute, but size and quantity take up space. Purchase a mobile that can be securely attached to the crib. The beauty of mobile will add some décor to the baby’s room, while also soothing and keeping the baby’s attention. Minimise purchasing on an overabundance of baby clothes. Find space to store them. The need for excessive clothing is unnecessary. Only keep essential baby items.

Babies grow fast. When the baby has outgrown the nursery, it is time to store the crib, glider chair, blankets, and décor at Self Storage in Adelaide. Keep it simple when decorating and organising a small space for a nursery. That means get rid of unnecessary furniture and stick to things you need.

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