How Self-storage Can help Small Business Owners

/How Self-storage Can help Small Business Owners

How Self-storage Can help Small Business Owners

For many small businesses, storage can be hectic, if you deal with heavy and bulky goods. Any business needs to look for extra space where they can store the excesses. Most of these businesses result in renting storage somewhere else. You can say the unit is like a store for your business.

What is Self-storage?

A self-storage unit is where you rent out an extra room, container, or locker on a short-term basis to store your extras. You can rent your Self Storage Alice Springs space month to month or yearly, depending on how long you will need the space.

Uses Of Self-storage Units

  • Offloading business excesses.
  • Secure archived documents
  • Store seasonal artifacts such as Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations
  • Some businesses rent spaces like office spaces.

What To Expect with Self-storage units

  • Many of the Self Storage Alice Springs facilities work hand in hand with their tenants by offering their client services. Some of those services include help in packaging and transportation of goods, free truck for first-time clients, selling locks, boxes, and packaging supplies for their customers.
  • Since many of the units’ goods are of great value, the facilities offer insurance covers that will cover the good if something wrong happens.
  • Tenants of Self Storage Alice Springs have their lock and key, meaning no one can access your things without permission, even your employees. This assures security for your goods, unlike in warehouses where the facility has a copy of your keys.
  • In case the tenant lacks to pay rent, the unit owner has the power to open your unit and cease what is inside till he/she is paid.

Types of Self-storage

  • Currently, there are several types of self-storage facilities. Below are the available ones.
  • Self-storage facilities offer clean and secure units meant for personal use.
  • Next comes the business storage units intended for commercial use.
  • Climate controlled self-storage. This unit withstands certain temperatures. It can be used for commercial use.
  • Vehicle self-storage where you can store all your locomotives such as cars, boats, and trucks. This type of storage takes into consideration the security and insurance feature.

What Are the Benefits of Renting a Business Storage Unit?

Decrease Clutter

A business woman smiling with her arms crossed in her shop

If you love enough space while working, you may opt for a self-storage facility to store your new but essential documents in a safe place.


Two entrepreneurs looking at a tablet

If you need a place safe to store your valuables, a self-storage unit is all you need—no need to store them in your basement where they are prone to damage or theft.

Space for Extra Stock

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If your small business involves stocking big things, storing deadstock in your container will give room for the new stock.

Exclusive Access

Since the unit’s keys are under your care; unauthorised persons cannot access all your office documents. Only you can access everything.

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