Tips and Tricks on Packing a Storage Unit

/Tips and Tricks on Packing a Storage Unit

Tips and Tricks on Packing a Storage Unit

There are times when you realise you just have too much stuff. Maybe you’re in the middle of a redecorating project or your children have gone off to school. It might be time to look into storage options. If you’re looking for Self Storage Edinburgh North, there are plenty of options and units that come in a variety of sizes. But the big question is how do you pack up all your stuff to make sure it doesn’t get damaged or broken? Here are some tips to prepare for your Self Storage Edinburgh North.

Use Packaging Materials

Pakcing supplies and cardboard boxes

If you have any precious or delicate items, you want to make sure these are wrapped up carefully. Bubble wrap is a great choice, as it gives not only protection but a little bit of cushion if things get moved around. If you don’t have any on hand, a newspaper works for a variety of packing needs. You can wrap items in it, crumple it up to place between items so they don’t move, and even line boxes with it if you are packing liquids. Speaking of liquids, if you are packing away tools or lawn equipment, it’s best to drain the gasoline and oil to avoid spills and to better your chances of everything working when you use them next season.

Choose the Right Size Storage

Moving boxes stacked together

Self Storage Edinburgh North offers a choice of differently sized units, so it’s best to look or call so you can get a unit sized correctly. When you think about organising your storage unit, put the items that you probably won’t need to access anytime soon at the back of the unit and build from there. If you have furniture like couches and chairs, these can be put towards the back and used as bases to stack boxes on. Another thing to keep in mind is moisture that can sometimes get on floors of storage units unless they have temperature and moisture controls. If not, you can simply stack your boxes on a pallet or something higher off the ground to avoid the issue.

Stack Your Boxes Against the Walls

A woman sitting with boxes

Another tip is to make sure you don’t stack boxes too high. You don’t want to have anything fall on you while you’re trying to retrieve your items. If you do stack boxes, stack them against the walls of the unit so they are braced and don’t stack anything so high that you have to stretch to reach them, it can be dangerous.

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