Popular jobs For Aussies Abroad

/Popular jobs For Aussies Abroad

Popular jobs For Aussies Abroad

Many Aussies love to spend at least some time abroad. The central location of Australia makes it easy to travel to many places including Southeast Asia, Africa and the United States. If you are thinking about heading off, you’ll want to think about the kind of jobs you might take when you’re abroad. There are many ways to use your talents to earn money when you’re not home. Rent your home and place your things in Self storage Alice Springs and head off to earn money and explore the world on your terms.


English as a Second Language Teacher

Teaching English can be deeply satisfying. Sharing your knowledge of English and your love of the language to others can also be very lucrative. ESL teachers are in high demand in many parts of the world. People are looking for experts to help them master this language. You can teach people in person when you’re away from home. Bring those textbooks from Self Storage Alice Springs and remind yourself of every single aspect of English grammar when you’re away. You’ll find lots of students happy to learn from you and pay you a good salary at the same time.


Freelance Writer

Writers are another profession in demand in many parts of the world. You can earn a living and set your own hours at the same time. You should think about how best to use your time and make it work for you. You can offer your services as a writer to businesses in need of snappy copy. Contact local businesses when you’re on the road and making your home in another place. Show them how you can help them reach out to more clients with copy that helps them show off what they can do and why they do it so well.

freelance writer


The world of photography continues to grow. People are always looking for really great pictures they can put on social media. If you know how to use a camera well, you can work for others in the field. You can also set up your own business showcasing your skills. A well designed website can draw clients to your side no matter where you are. Meet with clients in-person to do family portraits they’ll cherish forever. You can also offer pictures for sale that you take as you travel to others who want really good quality photography.


Tour Guide

Tour guides who speak English are another field where you can make your mark. Place your valuables in Self Storage Alice Springs and make use of your people skills. A job as a tour guide is an excellent way to learn more about another culture and help others share the same joy you have for the places you’re seeing in person. Working with others who share the same dream of traveling can be a great way to earn enough money when you’re away. Set out on your own or make the decision to work with an established company.

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