Christmas Design Ideas For your Home This Year

/Christmas Design Ideas For your Home This Year

Christmas Design Ideas For your Home This Year

The Christmas season has come around once again which means that it is time to get your Christmas decorations out of your self storage Alice Springs unit and start to get festive! Of course, there are some Christmas decorations in your self storage Alice Springs unit that you will want to hold onto because they hold dear memories and traditions for you that you enjoy looking at every year. However, no matter how many decorations you have in your self storage Alice Springs unit, there is always a way to freshen up your look every year and keep it up to date and modern. Whether you prefer a more natural boho look or like to really glam it up and go all out during the holidays, below are some things you can do to bring in the Christmas cheer in your home and make it more beautiful than ever this Christmas season.

Blue Christmas decorations

1.) Don’t leave Christmas in your living room alone

Christmas does not have to stay solely in the living room, it is just fine to bring the Christmas spirit to the bedrooms of the house as well. You don’t have to go all out in every room of the house like you might in the living room; hanging a simple strand of garland with some twinkling lights can make your room feel warm and festive at the same time.

bedroom christmas decorations

2.) understated is better than loud decorations

This year, the big trends focus on being subtly elegant. Instead of breaking out all of your bright red, green, and white decorations that are pretty but loud, invest in some decor that has softer colours. Using a palette with soft colours like rose gold, off white, and soft pinks will give your space an elegant look without taking away any of the festive feelings.

rose gold christmas themes

3.) Bring a white Christmas into your house

If you are like most of us, then you dream all year about waking up to a white Christmas. That may not be a real possibility based on where you live, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on it altogether. A great way to still have a white Christmas is by getting garland and weaving it with warm lights and putting white roses in it. This will feel elegant and cozy at the same time and let you enjoy a white Christmas without the snow.

fake snow on Christmas tree

4.) Having a blue Christmas isn’t all bad

If you really enjoy the colours of Christmas and have a lot of blue in your existing decor, you can use that blue in a whole new fresh way this year. Using rich blues and pairing them with icy white decorations will bring cool tones to your house this season and give you the perfect pairing you’ve been searching for.

You can achieve most of these looks by using what you already have and getting new small things like lights or new floral pieces to freshen up your look and leave everyone who comes in your house feeling festive this holiday season.

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