Everything you need to know before moving to Alice Springs

/Everything you need to know before moving to Alice Springs

Everything you need to know before moving to Alice Springs

Does your future hold an extended residency in Alice Springs? Alice is a great place for those seeking to explore the iconic heart of the Northern Territory. On the other hand, the success of your move depends on whether you can plan and manage the journey intelligently. Make sure that you understand these facts about life and Self Storage Alice Springs before setting out.

A quick intro to Alice Springs

Alice Springs is more than just a remote town. Although it’s about 1,500 km away from big cities like Adelaide and Darwin, it’s surrounded by cultural and natural wealth. Known as Mparntwe to the Arrernte-speaking peoples who’ve lived in the area for some 50,000 years, Alice Springs is full of gorges, beautiful deserts and growing indigenous communities.


You don’t have to go far to discover museums, theatres and stunning cultural arts centres. The former mission of Hermannsburg was home to famous painter Albert Namatjira, and Alice Springs is known for catering to those who follow in his artistic footsteps. If you’re seeking inspiration, you can always try a hot air balloon ride that lets you take in stunning desert vistas. Even if you don’t travel all the way to the region’s vast national parks to see sights like Uluru, you won’t find yourself short on amazing ways to occupy your time.

Living well in the desert

Alice Springs’ relative isolation makes it important to be prepared at all times. For instance, you might not be used to carrying water with you on your regular walks or short bike rides, but you should consider it essential here. Renting Self Storage Alice Springs is a good way to ensure that you have a nice store of supplies that you might not find in town.


Moving to the desert demands that you approach life at a different pace. On days when the air isn’t super hot, the sun can still be a killer when it climbs to its peak. Although you’ll probably feel inclined to spend your time indoors soaking up the air conditioning, you should remember that it doesn’t take long for things to get hot even after a rainstorm. If you’re planning physically strenuous excursions, schedule them during the early morning hours or the evening after the sun goes down.

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