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Moving With Pets – Alice Springs

Moving is an onerous task, and the experience may leave you feeling stressed. When you have pets, they pick up on your stress and tension. Your feathered or furry companions may experience their own stress in the upheaval of the move. These tips from Self Storage Alice Springs make moving less stressful for you and your pets.

Maintain your usual routines


Avoid disrupting your pet’s usual routines. Feed your pet at the same times, even if you’re busy with packing and arranging transport with the movers. Don’t forget to walk your pet just like you usually do. For indoor pets, spend some time playing with them every day.

Rent self storage Alice Springs

As you pack your belongings, take loads of them to a facility for self storage Alice Springs. Stacks of boxes could stress your pet and make it difficult for your pet to move about the house. A stressed cat or dog might spray the boxes, so getting them out and to a facility for self storage Alice Springs keeps your space cleaner and calmer.

Visit the veterinarian for a checkup

Make sure your pet is healthy enough to travel. Get any vaccinations your pet needs. You may want to ask for references for a new veterinarian at the place you’re moving to. While at the veterinarian’s office, ask for a copy of your pet’s vaccination history and medical records. If your move involves moving to a new jurisdiction, you might need those documents for licensing. Consider asking the veterinarian about a sedative for your pet for the day of travel. The sedative would relax your pet during the drive or flight.

Get your pet used to the kennel or carrier

If your pet isn’t used to spending a lot of time in a kennel or carrier, now is the time to begin getting your pet familiar with it. Encourage your pet to enter the carrier. A few treats might offer some motivation. Make the time your pet spends in the carrier a positive experience. Put in a favourite toy or two, a comfortable blanket or a tee shirt that you’ve worn but not laundered and something soft to sleep on. Your scent on the shirt or blanket will calm your pet. Slowly increase the time your pet spends in the carrier each day until you’re able to work up to the length of time that your pet will need to be in it on moving day.

Help your pet settle in to the new place

Once you and your pet arrive at your new home, take some time getting used to the space. Your pet might get scared having the run of the whole place. Keep your pet in one room for the first day or two. Unpack your pet’s essentials in order to reduce stress. Slowly allow your pet access to more rooms. As you retrieve your items from the facility for self storage Alice Springs, give your pet more freedom to explore their indoor and outdoor surroundings.

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