Secret Home Storage Hacks

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Secret Home Storage Hacks

When you’re walking around your home, you might want more storage space for books, toys, and other items that tend to linger on the floor or on other surfaces. If you look carefully around your home, you will see that there are a few secret storage locations that you haven’t thought about. There are also a few hacks that you can use for more storage in your home, including using Self Storage Alice Springs

Coffee tables

Use the space at the bottom of your coffee table to store everything from books to movies to shoes. Sort items using bins that you put on the bottom of your coffee table. These bins can hold items like shoes or toys for your kids or pets.

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Floating shelves

A new trend in decorating is floating shelves. Add more space to the shelves by installing a drawer in them that holds other items that you can put on the shelf at a later time. This design idea takes up less space on your walls, allowing you to put larger shelves in a Self Storage Alice Springs unit until you find another purpose for them.

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Some headboards have shelves that can be used to store items like books or clocks. You can also create a storage compartment inside a headboard by cutting the front of the board and installing shelves. This is an option to consider if you have a small bedroom without a lot of space for a dresser or other pieces of furniture for storage.

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Bathroom cabinets

The bathroom cabinets can be covered by pieces of art, doubling as both storage and decorations. Use the cabinets to store toiletries, towels, and other personal care items. Put larger cabinets in a Self Storage Alice Springs unit while you design your bathroom.

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Books for storage

When visitors look at your bookshelf to see a row of books, they might assume that there are a few novels there. However, you can glue the covers of books together to create a storage compartment on the shelf. Use this space to hide a variety of items that you don’t want others to find, such as keys or important documents.

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Space under cabinets

If your kitchen is like most, then you probably have an empty space along the floor under your kitchen cabinets. Install drawers that can be pulled or rolled out to store the essentials that are used in the kitchen. Some of the items that you can store include lids that tend to get lost, flat pans, or rolls of aluminium foil.

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