The pros and cons of moving to Alice Springs

/The pros and cons of moving to Alice Springs

The pros and cons of moving to Alice Springs

Alice Springs is a remote, desert city in Australia’s Northern Territory. It’s stark beauty that consists of low shrubs, hills, and red-tinged gorges. The area, which is in the heart of the Australian Outback, attracts thousands of visitors each year. Does it have enough amenities to attract you there as a permanent resident? These pros and cons of moving to Alice Springs, from Self Storage Alice Springs, should help you to answer that question.

Advantages of moving to Alice Springs

Proximity to famous Northern Territory landmarks

By moving to Alice Springs, you’ll be able to regularly visit the Alice Springs Desert Park, the Alice Springs Reptile Centre, and the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens. If you’re willing to make a five or six-hour drive through the desert, you can also visit landmarks such as Ayers Rock and Kings Canyon.

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Wonderful environment for outdoor activities

Alice Springs has numerous hiking and biking trails to explore. Fall and spring offer excellent weather for outdoor activities such as bird watching, hot air ballooning and camping. You’ll find plenty of like-minded people who love these activities, and you can join clubs that allow you to socialise while you enjoy nature. Renting Storage Alice Springs for your bike, camping equipment, and other outdoor sports gear will give you more living space in your new home.

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Availability of authentic Aboriginal artisan goods

Alice Springs has over 26,000 residents, and a significant number of them are native people. The Aboriginal people of this region are known for their traditional artisan goods that are attractive to collectors and art dealers. Indigenous patterns and prints are incorporated into amazing woven rugs, pottery, and other household textile items.

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Lower housing costs

Compared to larger cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, Alice Springs offers great value when it comes to housing costs. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Alice Springs is just under $1,250 per month. The same one-bedroom apartment will cost you nearly $1,900 per month in Sydney. If you’re worried about not finding somewhere to live straight away, store your belongings in Self Storage Alice Springs while you look for a place.

Disadvantages of moving to Alice Springs

Extreme temperatures in summer and winter

If you’re used to living near beaches, then you rarely experienced extreme seasonal temperatures. That will change when you move to Alice Springs. Summer daytime temperatures regularly soar to 44 degrees Celsius, and you’ll need a warm coat for winter temperatures that dip to 4 degrees Celsius. Getting Self Storage Alice Springs will help you to organise your seasonal clothing and reduce clutter in your new home.

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You’ll be leaving big-city life behind

Large cities such as Melbourne and Brisbane offer a variety of shopping and entertainment options that are available nearly 24-hours daily. The shopping and dining options in Alice Springs aren’t as varied as they are in larger cities, and their availability is limited.

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Higher food costs

Although housing prices in Alice Springs is significantly lower than those of most other major Australian cities, it has higher food prices. Its remote location is the likeliest reason why grocery goods are over 25 per cent higher in Alice Springs than in Sydney.

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