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Bedroom Storage Hacks

Improving the storage in your bedroom is more than reconfiguring your closet, though that can help. Bedrooms are now places to read, watch television, answer email, and eventually sleep. If you’re looking for more storage space in this crucial space, look below for Bedroom Storage hacks from Self Storage Alice Springs that serve a double purpose, reduce daily clothing decisions and make it easier to stay organized.

Captain’s beds

A simple addition to any room to increase your storage is a Captain’s bed with drawers under mattress platform. However, what you store in your Captain’s bed drawers matters more than space.

In this crucial spot, store

• extra linens

• pyjamas

• spare blankets

• dirty laundry, or

• anything else you either need for bed or only need to access once a week.

These beds are useful but not terribly user-friendly for daily access. If you must store close in your Captain’s bed, consider putting off-season items in these drawers.

captain bed

Perimeter shelving

Shelving high along the wall of your bedroom can serve two useful purposes. This is a great place to clump small collections of books, and you can add small lights to this shelf to brighten the space with a soft soffit effect.

When installing perimeter shelving around the room, try to bracket it to the wall from the top so the bottom edge of the shelf is clean.

ceiling shelving

Use what you have

A stack of old suitcases is a great storage feature that gives your space a vintage flavour and offers storage space. Consider adding luggage “tags” to your tower of suitcases to help you remember what’s in each case.

If old cases aren’t available, keep an eye out for old typewriter cases, sewing machine cases or even adding machines for a smaller stack. In here, you can house extra bathroom linens if your bath is too small for extra storage.

Make your closet as efficient as possible

If picking out an outfit every day takes more focus and time than you have available, focus your Bedroom Storage plans on your closet. Consider creating pod wardrobes by season and style, such as choosing thirty items for summer casual, thirty items for summer office, and so on. By limiting your choices to just a month’s worth of pieces that you really like, you can make the process of choosing clothes much simpler.

clothes closet

Put the clothes that don’t make the cut in the Captain’s bed, into the bottom suitcase or just into the donation box. When you open your closet, you’ll be facing clothes you love to wear rather than hunting for something that might work. If you still have more clothes, consider storing other unused items in Alice Springs Self Storage to make more room for them.

Poor Bedroom Storage decisions can make it hard to get a good night’s rest and may leave you dreading the dawn. Rather than struggling through the clutter in your cabinets and drawers, shed or store what you seldom use and put what you love front and centre. If you find you still need more storage after implementing these storage hacks, consider storing larger items in Self Storage Alice Springs.


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